Provencal landscape painting in oil, with a palet knife, made on the motif.

Provence, in the south of France is a region that has captured the hearts of artists for centuries. The rolling hills, vibrant colors and charming villages have inspired countless paintings that have become famous around the world.

I am one of the artists who seeks to capture the beauty of Provence, there is no better way to do this than through plein air painting.

Plein air painting allows me to capture colors, light and feel the atmosphere of a subject in a totally different way than I have in my studio. It's a kind of mindful painting, like a person meditating mindfully.

I walk around and plant my easel in front of the subjects I want to immortalize on my canvas. It's all about the light.
It is she who will allow me to show the third dimension.
There is not necessarily a message in my works.
I just want to convey the emotion I feel when I stand in front of the landscape with all these patchwork fields and this richness of colors.

The colors chosen are bordering on arbitrariness.
I could be classified as Impressionist, based on the colors used.

I use color to better describe the space, with contrasts of both values ​​and tones, juxtaposing the orange of the fields with the blue of the shadows, which accentuates the spatial perception of the painting.

The use of the knife as a tool to apply color, gives an abstract touch to the work.

This allows the viewer to “see” stems and leaves, without being able to tell which variety they belong to.
I'll put you on the right track, but I'll let you finish the picture.