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"Pose avec drap"

I modelled for Radu during a short holiday in Provence in 2011...a spontaneous decision after a browse in his atelier in Gordes where I fell in love with his artwork. Modelling for Radu was a unique experience....I'd long thought about having a nude sketch of myself but never had the courage to do it...but Radu makes you feel totally comfortable and at ease and I found it to be an elating, rich experience, one you emerge from feeling self confident and empowered about your body. He works hard to get the right curve, line, shadow, mood in each pose, the end result being a thing of beauty.


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We couldn't be happier!

We also LOVE the posters and cards!!!!! I am THRILLED you sent them!!!

I plan to frame some of them and hang a couple here at home and some in my office at work.

I work at a large software company and can hardly wait to show them your beautiful work!!

You have been so kind to us and so very professional. Thank you for completing the paintings ahead of schedule and also for the certificates --- we appreciate EVERYTHING you have done!!!

We received the paintings on November 7th. Bill and I have been working very late, so, the paintings have not been hung --- YET!

Once we hang them, we will send you a couple of pictures.

We have many friends and family who can hardly wait to see your work. I guess we better get ready for a lot of company! Our friends from Venasque will be visiting us later this month. They own a bed and breakfast in Venasque and I know they will tell their friends and guests (next year when the season begins) to come see your wonderful art.

Working with you has turned out to be a wonderful experience. We feel very fortunate to have met you and to own some of your pieces. We wish you great success and happiness!!

We'll be back in touch soon!

Warm regards,

April and Bill

I posed nude for Radu

What prevails above all during this unique experience is the feeling of the MOMENT.

Time of unveiling. Moment of body temperature that changes from hot to cold, just as quickly as it will change from cold to hot (guided by mood, as well as by uncertainty).

But above all, what dominates are the sounds: these sounds so soft and hard at the same time, also bordering on the unspeakable, the inaudible, like breathing, work in progress, rubbed with the chosen tool on canvas or paper.

To follow in sound this progress of the work and of his whole body, with all his senses participating in real time in his body as filter and artistic medium.

To be both absent to oneself and ultra-present at the work in progress. 

Model who want to stay anonymous