Nude painting with live model by Radu FOCSA

For this aspect of my work, which is nude painting, I use brushes more than the knife, in order to better express the curves.

As much in the "landscape" where I am content to "give to see", by suggesting the vegetation, rather than representing it from the botanical point of view, in the work of the body, I only show the part of the body that catches the light , leaving it up to the viewer to finish the work. (metonymy)

In this case, light becomes an independent plastic component.

And my wish is to capture this light.

I work with professional models but also regularly with occasional non-professional models. The poses are simple, natural and the model participates with the artist to find the most elegant posture, with the play of shadow and light that best enhances the body.

The result of working with a model depends not only on the skill of the painter, but largely on the involvement of the model in the work. If the person posing is tired, their lack of energy is felt on the canvas.