€15 voucher which entitles you to

15% off sitewide.

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Discount vouchers to offer

Artiste Provence now allows you to offer better than a simple voucher.

This is a discount voucher for the person of your choice, or for yourself to use on any occasion, Valentine's Day, birthday, Christmas, or just for fun...

How it works ?

You buy a €5 voucher which entitles you to a 5% reduction on the entire site.

This means that by spending just €5, you earn €25 off the amount to pay if your basket is worth €500 and €50 if your basket is worth €1000.

But there are also vouchers for 10%, 15% and even 20% on the same principle.

€20 vouchers entitle you to a 20% reduction.

That's it ? You got it!

A €20 voucher saves you €200 on a basket of €1000

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Hurry up, the promotion may end at any time.

Conditions of use of discount vouchers:

To purchase discount vouchers, you must be registered on the site.

After purchasing the discount voucher you will receive a message in your email box with the code which opens the reduction percentage that you have chosen and paid for.

This voucher is unique and linked to your account, but you can use it yourself or offer it as a gift.

The voucher is valid on the entire site, to be used once, except for items already on promotion.

Only one voucher per basket.

The validity period of a voucher is twelve months from the date of purchase.

Shipping costs may apply if after reducing the basket to a value lower than the minimum shipping included (currently €300)

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€15 voucher which entitles you to

15% off sitewide.

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