Bronze sculptures

Lost wax bronze. The original sculpture is made from the material chosen by the sculptor: wood, plaster, clay, wax, stone or other. The sculptor will make a flexible mold around this sculpture which is at the origin of the whole process. Formerly in gelatin, this mold is now made of silicone. It is in this mold that the hot wax is poured. The part thus obtained is in turn covered with a refractory cement which will be baked at a very high temperature in order to harden. During firing, the wax inside will be "lost" leaving a hollow where the bronze will be poured. The "lost wax" is the only technique that allows you to be most faithful to the original This technique is also used to make unique pieces in glass or metal, in the jewelry store. It is possible to make several waxes from the original wax. In France, legislation limits the number of fine art prints to eight, numbered from 1 to 8, and the number of "artist's proofs" numbered from I to IV in Roman numerals to four.