Collection of artworks by  Radu Focsa

Discover and buy directly from the artist beautifully realized landscapes of Provence. These works of art include drawings, paintings, sculptures, painted sculptures and fine art reproductions that capture the beauty and essence of the Provence region of France. Immerse yourself in the picturesque landscapes, lavender fields, charming villages and spectacular sunsets through these unique artistic creations.

Born in Bucharest, Romania, Radu Focșa draws his inspiration from his current region, Provence. Radu lives and works in a village near Gordes, a small but well known hilltop village in the Luberon in the heart of Provence in the South of France. He works in a unique textured style using his palette knife. His works attract the attention of international collectors, and are present in a large number of private and public collections around the world. Main subjects, landscapes painted in oil, with a knife and nudes painted in the studio with a live model. But let him tell us about his work.

Outdoor work, on the spot, allows you to capture the emotion of the moment. I really like working outdoors; be permeable to all the sensations that surround you, noises, smells, the breeze of the wind, the light that changes as the clouds pass, the shadows that lengthen with the setting sun. Working in the urgency of the change of light, forces you to go faster to the essentials. There is no “message” in my work! I think and feel that in everything, in every image or situation, there is the "conventional" reality, which everyone can see, can grasp, and another reality, no less present, but more discreet, less visible at first glance. It is this other reality which belongs to the “dream country” (being able to describe a sensation, a feeling, an unsaid…) that I will try to capture in order to try to describe it with my own sensitivity. I am never short of subjects but rather short of time to express all that I feel. If my painting is both rooted in reality and in the imagination, it is because I constantly navigate between the two. I need both, one sends me back to the other and vice versa.