First pose

Radu Focsa First pose

Oil on canvas
Size: 50 x 100 cm  --  20 x 40 inches
Brush work in studio with model.

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First pose

This painting represents a woman seated at the edge of a table which serves as an installation accessory in my studio. She has one leg bent and the other hanging off the table. As if she was only half seated!

Her head is resting on her folded arm which rests on her knee, with her face buried in her elbow.

It was the first time she posed nude and I think that's why she hides her face.

This image of delicate modesty reminds us of the Provencal nude of Willy Ronis.

This oil nude painting made with a live model is sold directly by the artist. Brush work.

The name of the person who will buy it, or a dedication for a special date can be made on the back of demande.
If you need to know more about this painting or delivery, please call or send a message.
I'll be happy to answer you.

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  • Hauteur 100 cm
  • Largeur 70 cm
  • Profondeur 2 cm
  • Poids 2,5 kg
  • Compositions Oil on canvas
  • Styles contemporary
  • Propriétés Rectangle
Model who want to stay anonymous

I am very happy and proud to have done this

What prevails above all during this unique experience is the feeling of the MOMENT.

Time of unveiling. Moment of body temperature that changes from hot to cold, just as quickly as it will change from cold to hot (guided by mood, as well as by uncertainty).

But above all, what dominates are the sounds: these sounds so soft and hard at the same time, also bordering on the unspeakable, the inaudible, like breathing, work in progress, rubbed with the chosen tool on canvas or paper.

To follow in sound this progress of the work and of his whole body, with all his senses participating in real time in his body as filter and artistic medium.

To be both absent to oneself and ultra-present at the work in progress.

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    First pose

    First pose

    Oil on canvas
    Size: 50 x 100 cm  --  20 x 40 inches
    Brush work in studio with model.

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